Festival Planning and Organization

Would you like to be involved in planning and organizing the festival along the way? Please read over the following jobs and contact Ben Scales at ben@bscales.com to sign up.

Volunteer/labor coordination
– manage the computerized sign-up volunteer system (Sign Up Genius), including updating and maintaining the written descriptions for volunteer jobs, training and supervising them. Identifying tasks that must be performed by paid labor, and recruiting and managing that labor.

Art coordination
– Contact point for the artists who apply, and reviews every application to ensure that the art that is presented is suitable to the standards our audiences have come to expect. Recruits and coordinates the judges for the juried art show. Procure ribbons for the winners, and any other prizes as determined by committee. Coordinate with Non-food vendor coordinator to establish a juried artist section among the vendors, manage that section and mark those booths with signs.

Food vendor coordination
– Seek out and secure participation from a group of vendors that will maximize the culinary enjoyment of our attendees. Ensure that all permitting and insurance requirements are met. Coordinate with Infrastructure to make sure all power needs are met. Layout the booths on the map and assign booths, in coordination with other booth assignments. Develop and communicate load in and load out instructions, and manage those activities.

Non-food vendor coordination
– Ensure that all permitting and insurance requirements are met. Layout the booths on the map and assign booths, in coordination with other booth assignments. These booths will include both for-profit and not-for-profit vendors. Develop and communicate load in and load out instructions, and manage those activities.

Signage and printing
– Manage the road signs, barricade signage, stage schedules, sponsor signs, and any other printing that may be needed, including rack cards and hand-outs for festival attendees. Heightened attention to typographical content needed.

– Scale maps showing the location of every sign, booth, driveway, tent, food truck, power source, fire hydrant, stage, barricade and porta-potty. Essential to getting everything set up in the morning. Also needed to get the permit.

– Development and management of the website. This includes:
• Keeping information up to date: Dates, contact information, and other material (sponsors, performers, volunteers, photographs, slideshows, etc.) provided by the festival committee.
• Developing forms for and tracking artist/vendor applications. Other forms (such as sponsor entry) as needed.
• Operating the festival store for sales of merchandise, payment of fees, sponsor donations, tickets, etc.
• Providing reports on artist/vendor applications and store sales.
• Maintain links to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.)
• Providing the committee members with login access to reports, sponsor entry forms, and other items as appropriate.

Social Media
- Manage the festival’s social media presence promoting the event, coordinating with vendors, artists and performers social media, as well as with the festival website to maximize the festival’s reach.

– manage and procure t-shirts, posters, and any other merchandise sold at the event by the MNA. May also include sales of performer merchandise.

– manage the physical structures of the festival, including the stages, tables, chairs, tents, power distribution, trash, porta-potties, doggie day care, bike corral, etc.

– manage all the advance publicity of the festival on the web and in print publications. Seek post-event publicity, as well. Coordinate with other committee members to develop publicity content. Develop a timeline for release of content that will meet publication deadlines for targeted media outlets.

– Engage personally with many sponsors (30-40, based on past years) including repeated contacts, to solicit and receive their donations, pass on their logos for print and web use, ensure that all promotional benefits promised are delivered, and that each sponsor is appropriately thanked. Manage all fundraising events, such as the currently existing LaZoom tour and the Neighborhood challenge, as well as others that may be considered for the future. Develop and implement a timeline for these tasks.

– The permitting process includes completing the application for our city permit, shepherding it through the approval process, and ensuring that all proper documentation is in place, which includes maps, emergency management plans, pet policies, insurance certificates, fire evacuation routes, health department inspections, and the like. Every year the requirements are different, and usually more onerous on the applicant. Deadlines: technically – 90 days; realistically, in an emergency, 30 days or less (Aside: The city loves our festival; they’re not likely to reject our application as untimely, unless there are other more noxious reasons for denying it.)