Booth Set Up and Dismantle Information

Check In: All Artists and Vendors (except food trucks) must check in at barricade on Montford Avenue, no matter where your booth is located.

You may begin lining up on Montford Avenue beginning at 7:00 am. Please do not try to come in on Cullowhee Street or down Waneta Street by the stage. Cullowhee Street (from Cumberland) will only be one lane and must be kept clear for regular traffic and Waneta Street will handle exit traffic.

Booth Set Up Only one vehicle per booth is permitted at a time. You MUST unload and then remove your vehicle. Please observe a 15 minute time period to give everyone a chance to unload in a timely manner. Booth Set Up is to be done after unloading -- NOT DURING UNLOADING.

  • Montford Avenue Booths: All Montford Avenue booths are indicated with M in front of the number. Even numbers are on left and odd numbers are on right. All vehicles unloading must park on the right side, no matter which side your booth is located on. The left side will remain open for vehicles to exit down Montford Avenue, via Waneta Street.
  • Soco Street Booths: All Soco Street booths are indicated with an S preceding the number. After check in, turn right onto Cullowhee Street and turn left onto Cumberland Avenue. Continue to Soco Street, go past the food trucks and set up. (We suggest that you pull into East Waneta Street and then back down the rest of Soco Street. It is then easier to return, as this is a dead end.)

Booth Notes:

  1. Remember you are responsible for your trash and trash receptacles. Please do not use festival trash cans.
  2. The city requires all tents to be weighted down. Gallon jugs filled with water are perfect weights. You may not anchor tents to pavement. Any tent not anchored is subject to removal from festival and will not get a refund.
  3. Vendor Parking. You may park on either side of the street on lower Montford Avenue from the back of the stage to Montford Park and beyond. You may also park on any of the side streets including Cumberland Avenue. Parking at Holy Trinity Greek Church will not be available this year, due to a scheduled event.

Booth Dismantle Procedures for Festival End You must stay open until 6:00 pm at which time, you may begin dismantling. Hand carts are permitted during this time. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the street until the end of festival or until enough people are no longer on the street – plus or minus 7:00 pm. Soco Street Food Trucks will begin break down at 6:00 pm and leave Soco by 6:30 pm.

  • Montford Avenue Booths: A Strict Traffic Procedure will be implemented to maintain quick and easy removal of booths and contents.
    Montford Avenue booth vehicles may begin lining up by 6:15 pm at the starting point on Cullowhee Street off Pearson Drive and up Pearson Drive to Chestnut Street and on upper Montford Avenue from the school. All vehicles lined up on Montford Avenue must turn left at the church on Chestnut Street, then right on Pearson Drive. See the map for line up route. (Note: a copy of the map will be handed out at the end of the festival). Vehicles trying to gain access to the booth area by coming straight down Montford Avenue or any non-designated streets will be turned away and will have to go to the existing line up. No Exceptions will be made.

    A Festival Coordinator will direct the flow of vehicles into booth area as you come in on Cullowhee Street.

    (Click on map for a larger view.)
  • Soco Street Booths:
    Soco Street vendors may begin lining up on Cumberland Avenue by 6:30 pm. Note: Food trucks will be gone by 7:00 pm. We suggest that the same procedure used for setup be used for break down. (Turn into East Waneta and back down to your space.) Note: the area that the food trucks occupied will be open and vehicles may line up on that side. The left side must be kept open for exiting traffic.