Pet Policy

Have you trained your pet squirrel to a leash, and you want to show off his manners?

Well, it doesn’t matter, because the city of Asheville has declared that you must leave your furry friends away from public festivals (and every other non-designated city-owned area).

The city has developed an excellent YouTube video, "Animals at Festivals" that puts it all into perspective. In this film, local veterinarians also outline the stresses that our pets suffer at such events. You can watch it here.

We also post here the published ordinance on pets at festivals:

Many festival-goers are surprised to know that that the City of Asheville restricts pets from being present at outdoor special events. Due to public safety and health guidelines, events must restrict attendees from bringing pets and animals into an event site by way of posting signs and educating event staff on the proper means of communicating and enforcing this ordinance during the activity. Except as provided under special resolution by Asheville City Council, it is unlawful for any person owning or having possession, charge, custody or control of a domesticated animal, wild animal or livestock to take the animal into picnic areas, pond areas, children’s play areas of any City park or into any areas designated or permitted by the City as part of a community festival or event area. This restriction shall not apply to animals assisting persons impaired in sight, hearing or mobility. Farm animals and undomesticated animals are expressly restricted in proximity to residences and businesses.

Government Website, Parks & Rec, Special Events Document, Pg 12 (PDF)

We must uphold this statute in order to get a permit to hold our big party.